Chancellor Message

Shri. Baidyanath Yadav
(Chancellor, YBN University)


Recognizing the nature of our globalized environment, YBN sought to reap the benefits of the continuous technological advancements to offer our students a unique cultural, scientific, and pedagogical experience that sets them apart from their colleagues a and places them on the cusp of innovation and discovery. Our student-centered philosophy entailed the development of a modern system that fosters the creative spirit of its students, honing their skills, and providing them with the tools needed to adapt to an ever-changing workplace environment. At YBN, we believe in a growth mindset that capitalizes on the abilities of the individual, empowering them to shape their destiny throughout their years of study. Our students thrive in an environment that develops their critical thinking and independent identity that is embedded in civic engagement and social awareness. As we push the boundaries of modernization and collaboration with the academic and business world around us.We are in a constant race to set new milestanes that reflect the ambitions of our first-class faculty members,our talented students, and dedicated administration.We welcome you to join thousands of successful graduates who have learned under the guidance of caring,dedicated and knowledgeable faculty.Our vision and dedication to our mission is as clear as ever.The new era at YBN will follow on the same trajectory of success and accomplishment,positioning us among the leading institutions in the region.We invite you to make an investment in your future by studing at YBN.

Shri. Baidyanath Yadav (Chancellor, YBN University)

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