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From Dean’s Desk: School of Agriculture and Animal Husbandry, YBNU,Ranchi


Agricultural education is one of the comprehensive sciences covering a wide variety of fields, from basic to apply with the aim of distinctive education and research in response to the times in order to solve the issues related to human survival. Since its inception in 2017, YBN University has adhered to the quality standards of education. The students of this School can be found in almost all fields of service i.e. teaching, research, extension, development, management, marketing, finance, insurance and bureaucracy.

Maintaining standards has been possible due to tireless effort of the dedicated team of the faculties. Though agricultural education is the state subject, but the department has been receptive and proactive towards national and global changes in instructional technology and education methodology. This year, the faculty has implemented the fifth recommendation of the Dean's Committee so that our students can compete on a national basis.

It is our sincere efforts that student not only becomes a good technocrat and professional but also a good human with strong values and ethics. This is ensured through frequent co-curricular and extra-curricular activities including sports, and cultural activities. The Faculty continues to connect with Alumni as part of the annual YBN University Alumni Meeting.

I see a bright future for the faculty and students. I hope that through concerted efforts we will continue to establish milestones.

Dr. Arpana Sharma (Associate Dean)
School of Agriculture & Animal Husbandry
Mobile: +91 9931629031

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